Award-Winning Film, Video and Digital Producer, Director, Editor.

Writer, Creative Consultant, Communications, Social Media Marketer.
Executive Producer and Creative/Account Supervisor (Creative, Production and Post).

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About Me



I’m a jack-of-all trades with both left and right brains fully functional and balanced. I’ve got just enough grey hair to know what I’m doing, while retaining a youthful enthusiasm for new ideas and new technologies. I'm a detail-oriented problem solver with a big picture perspective, in other words, I can see the forest AND the trees. I've been a producer, advertiser, executive, manager, account supervisor, writer, director, corporate communicator, social marketing strategist, puppet, pauper, pirate, poet, pawn and (in my dreams) a king. I’ve performed duties on over 1000 television and radio spots and at least 23 features and television specials, have written commercial scripts, press releases, web site content and tweets both professional and personal.

I could go on about the six years I spent as the sole supervisor of an ongoing multi-million dollar Department of Defense commercial production account, responsible for relationship management, account profitability, creative development, pitch performance and team leadership, or about my years as executive producer at the largest film and video production company in Tennessee, or about the television, radio and print campaigns I have devised and executed for numerous satisfied clients. I could write about all of the awards I’ve won as a writer and producer and director or about the complications of directing a live-action, interactive adventure game or about the years I labored in feature film production. I could write about the brave new world of social media marketing. I could even write about working with David Lynch or Burt Lancaster or Sidney Poitier. But I believe that what I can say about myself is not as important as what others say about me, nor as important as what I have actually done.

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