Award-Winning Film, Video and Digital Producer, Director, Editor.

Writer, Creative Consultant, Communications, Social Media Marketer.
Executive Producer and Creative/Account Supervisor (Creative, Production and Post).

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"The demands on an Executive Producer in our organization are vast and varied - from down in the weeds production details to strategic, big picture thinking. It’s rare to find someone who can do both. Eddie Bowen is such a person, with a Producer’s attention to detail and a Director’s vision of how to most creatively convey any message. With his inherent creativity and on-time, on-budget approach to projects, it’s no surprise that I recommend Eddie highly. I can’t think of anything in the production or management world that I wouldn’t trust to him."

Ron Routson, President and CEO, Film House Inc.

"Managing a multi-million dollar government contract along with a staff of writers, producers, editors, creative directors etc. could take its toll on anyone. Eddie Bowen always managed to demonstrate an ability to show respect to each and every individual he worked with regardless of the situation or amount of pressure he was under. Few people I've worked with have had the ability to balance keeping a very demanding client as well as a very demanding staff humming to the extent that Eddie demonstrated on a daily basis. I would highly recommend him for any type of management position in the production realm."

Bill Filipiak, Former Creative Director, Film House Inc. / Current Partner Filipiak Creative

Throughout our working relationship, Eddie consistently managed an extremely heavy workload, and served as an advocate for the very best product possible. His ability to plan and follow through from creative development to finished product, as well as meeting all scheduled deadlines, was especially impressive. Eddie was challenged to represent my views as Project Officer, both internally and publicly. In this he repeatedly met that challenge. He worked extremely well with all Project Officers and his knowledge of film and production assured us of always getting the best product possible. Eddie would make an excellent addition to any staff and would be valuable to any organization. I highly recommend him for any position for which he applies.

Steven Tardy, Project Officer (Retired), American Forces Radio and Television Service

When SAS formed the PC game publishing company SouthPeak Interactive, my role as Video Post Production Manager allowed me to recommend Eddie for the position of Director of “Dark Side of the Moon.” “Dark Side of the Moon” combined all the challenges of movie making with the added difficulties of game making. If that were not enough, the game was based on a brand-new game engine, internally developed by a company new itself to the interactive PC gaming world. Eddie threw himself into the project, not only admirably executing the duties of a Director—a formidable role in itself—but also in the unaccredited role of co-designer of the game itself. Because of the interactive nature of the project, Eddie was making not one movie but dozens. He had to guide actors through the same scene played different ways based on choices made by the game player. It was a staggeringly complicated process. The result, though, was the most critically acclaimed of SouthPeak Interactive’s original games—the deluxe version is currently rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on nearly 10 years after its release!

Robert D. Reed, Video Post Production Manger, Inaugural Winner of the 2008 CEO Award of Excellence, SAS

I met Eddie when I was the Director of Production for Film House, Inc., and my former manager recommended him to me as a freelance producer. I was initially impressed by Eddie’s professionalism, wit and warm personality and then by the confidence and creativity he displayed with our staff and clients. I believe these are all requirements in what is typically a business with high demands and short deadlines. Besides his work as a freelance producer, Eddie was also instrumental in his contributions to a new start-up web company within Film House at that time. Eddie’s patience, perseverance and insight over a very intense few months, with yet again long hours and short deadlines, was impressive and appreciated at all levels of management. Fast-forward a few years to when I left Film House to pursue freelance opportunities and Eddie and I had literally switched places. As Executive Producer, overseeing all aspects of production and post-production, Eddie hired me as a freelance producer for several large projects at Film House. As my manager, I was always impressed by his generosity, fairness and willingness to inspire those who work with him. I always felt no matter how much I knew, I could always learn something else if I worked with Eddie. I was also impressed by his depth of knowledge in film and video production, production techniques and the unique way he applied them to projects he worked on or was associated with.

Rob Cheplicki, Freelance Film and Video Producer, Former Director of Production for Film House, Inc.

While at FilmHouse, Eddie supervised a staff of Producers, Directors, Creative Writers and Post Production Personnel. During his time at the company he exhibited superb communication skills with both clients and staff, was extremely well organized, and dealt with the stressful environment of production with ease. Not only was Eddie a strong leader, he was also exceptionally creative in his own right. Eddie’s creativity expands on many levels including concept development, writing & scripting, film/video producing and directing. Basically he can take a project from concept to completion and provide an excellent product that anyone would be proud of. Although in a management position, Eddie was a team player, always interested in collaborating and working side-by-side with the production team. It was that collaboration among his staff that helped create many award winning productions.

Brandy Burnett, Producer, Film House, Inc.

Eddie is an intelligent, capable and dedicated producer. Further, I found Eddie to be a terrific manager and colleague. Eddie was always client focused and kept multiple productions well on track to assure the client’s needs were met and exceeded. Eddie provided exceptional support in my position as Director Cameraman. I am very proud of our work together and the numerous awards we have earned as a team!

Scott Mumford , Director Cameraman , Film House Inc